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Eco-Friendly,High Efficiency industrial microwave dryer,microwave drying equipment

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Eco-Friendly,High Efficiency industrial microwave dryer,microwave drying equipment Design


Under the action of microwaves, the harmful bacteria, insect bugs and also various other microbes in the material, healthy proteins was worn away at high temperature, conflict or destroy the metabolic rate, heredity and also proliferation of bacteria as well as parasites, as well as achieve the functions of insecticidal, sanitation and conservation.


Microwave Drying Machine Advantage

industrial microwave dryer


Adopt 304 stainless steel, compact structure


High efficiency and lower energy about 30%


Tunnel type design, cover small area


fast drying and sterilizing, continuous production


Low temperature sterilization, keep the original nutrition, color and taste


Uniform and complete drying, no distortion, no cracking and non hardening


Kills insects, insect proof, mould proof, rot proof for long storage time


The belt is with tidy materials which can match various foods requirement. The belt speed can be managed by inverter. The series of microwave clothes dryer is commonly made use of in the industry, farming, chemical, medicine, wood, and more.


Drying out as well as sanitation time is short, high effectiveness. Low-temperature sanitation to maintain the dietary material of products is not lost. Conserve power. Heating equally, even more, complete hygiene. Easy to run, easy to regulate, automated production. Can function 24 hr a day (for water-cooled devices only). Free installment and appointing, power can be used. Compact tool (contrasted to the same power tool on the market), little impact, lightweight, simple to move.


We can keep the item style on the same level as global innovative modern technology always. We have high diathesis personnel and exceptional processing devices, as well as quality assurance, runs through the entire production process from parts stock to the start of manufacturing. We can assure consumers, superior-top quality makers, as much as style demands as well as an excellent functioning state.


Microwave Vacuum Dryer Machine Rich Materials

industrial microwave dryer

Raw materials

chemical materials


dried meat


agricultural products

snack food



Our manufacturing facility has a lengthy history, muscular strength, leading industry, high domestic market share, and also fast growth in foreign demand.professional designers, stringent technical demands, by Chinese high-quality assessment requirements, passed iso certification.we have a professional group of engineers, sales group, technological solution team, maintenance group, assurance service. Welcome domestic as well as international customers to go to the production, client acceptance is high.

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