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Hot Air Cycle Multifunction industrial microwave dryer with fruits as raw material

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Hot Air Cycle  Multifunction industrial microwave dryer with fruits as raw material Design


Industrial microwave dryer is a continual infeed as well as discharge vacuum cleaner drying out devices. Fluid item is shared into clothes dryer body by infeed pump, evenly spread out on belts by circulation tool. Under high vacuum, the liquid's boiling point is decreased; water in the liquid material is evaporated. Belts go on the heating plates equally. Vapor, hot water, hot oil can be made use of as heating media. With the moving of the straps, the product undergoes from the get-go evaporating, drying out, cooling down to discharging ultimately.


Industrial Microwave For Sale Advantage

Product name

industrial microwave dryer

high efficiency

there is very few wave wasted

keeping fresh

the Sterilization is with lower temp


it can dry, sterilize and heat

PLC computer control system

easy to operate

high efficiency

fully automatic

low energy consumption

It has features of nice seal

can match different foods requirement

the belt is with clean materials


Its completely dry speed is rapid. Usually, it needs 5- 15 has a function of momentary dry.because resources can be dried for a short time. Primarily, it is suitable for drying heat sensitive raw materials. It can maintain shade, taste as well as the smell of natural materials.its procedure is secure and also simple. Its law and even control are really hassle-free. It is straightforward to understand continuous production. The circulation, fluidness, and also solubility of items are good.


We will provide 1-2 engineers to the customer's manufacturing facility for the installment and instruct totally in 10 days. The client requirement offers an area, food, round-trip transportation, visa, and a small $40 day-to-day subsidy.


Microwave Heating Systems Rich Materials

Product name

industrial microwave dryer









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