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Automatic Eco-Friendly Multifunction industrial microwave dryer for Spices,Noiseless running

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Automatic Eco-Friendly Multifunction industrial microwave dryer for Spices,Noiseless running Design


The industrial microwave dryer is different from the standard drying maker, which is the total heating because the external warmth is natural to disperse. Hence, its warmth transmission instructions and wetness diffusion direction are precisely the same. Compared to the typical drying approach, it has the advantages of big drying out the price, energy saving, high production performance, uniform drying, tidy manufacturing, simple to realize automatic control and boost item quality, so it is more and more vital in various areas of drying out.


Microwave Drying Machine Reference Parameter

Product name

industrial microwave dryer



Rated Input Apparent Power


Microwave Output Power

≥60 kw

Work Process Temperature

90-200ºC( Controllable)

Equipment Cooling Method

 Water cooling /Air cooling

Inlet And Outlet Height


Transmission Belt Height


Dehydration Rate


Dimensions (L*W*H)



High operation elasticity and vast application. Numerous drying variables of the clothes dryer can be readjusted, such as the focus of feeding liquid/thickness of product movie, the temperature level of home heating medium, revolving rate of the drum, and so on. Which can change the drying speed of the under the dryer? As these aspects have no connections to each other, it brings terrific convenience to dry operation. It makes it appropriate to dry various products as well as to fulfill different requirements of production.


Brief drying out duration. The drying period of materials is generally 10 to 300 secs, so it is suitable for heat-sensitive materials. It also can be stress lowering operated if it is put in a vacuum vessel.


Welcome to see our factory or the residential customers' factory. Inspect the machine before leaving the factory. Oversea set up as well as debug the equipment. Train the first-line operator.provide the standard formula operation/ service/ upkeep manual: Given in English.


Microwave Vacuum Dryer Machine Advantage

Product name

industrial microwave dryer

strong and sturdy

adopt 304# stainless steel

small footprint

compact structure

with multiple functions

drying and sterilizing simultaneously

keep te original nutrition, color and taste

low temperature sterilization

continuous production

tunnel type design

save energy

no energy dissipation

fast and evenly

it no need heat exchange



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